Shiitake & Boletus Risotto Bowls


Our Shiitake & Boletus Risotto Bowl combines the health benefits with the convenience of a mess-free cooking experience. This meal can be prepared in minutes, with no mess and no fuss, making it a great choice for busy lifestyles. Enjoy this nutritious and delicious dish.

Heat about two tablespoons of olive oil in a small pan and add the contents of this bag.

Add salt to taste.

Gradually add about 600 ml (20 fl oz) of hot water while stirring (serve al dente)

Dehydrated: Rice, red onion, shiitake (2.88%), boletus* (1.44%), pumpkin, garlic, and basil.

(*spp. Edulis, Reticulatus, and Aestivalis in varying proportions).

May contain traces of sesame, hazelnuts, and celery.