Ceremonial Cocoa (Pack of 2)

  • Crafted with care, our product is certified organic, vegan, and free from palm oil, ensuring it aligns with your conscious lifestyle.
  • Historical Significance: Cacao, aptly known as the "food of the gods," has been used for centuries in ceremonial gatherings to inspire and heal. Experience the wisdom of the ancients in every sip.
  • Ceremonial Magic: Cacao ceremonies have been a time-tested practice, enhancing mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. You can partake in these rituals individually or with a group, creating a powerful and shared energy field.
  • Creative Awakening: Cerimonial Cocoa has a miraculous ability to invigorate your body and elevate your mood, unleashing your creative potential and leaving you feeling alive and energized.

Prepare your cocoa in 3 simple steps:

If you are new to Ceremonial Cocoa, opt for 1/4 of the cocoa disc (10 to 15g). If you want a full ceremonial dose, opt for half the cocoa disc (30g).

Add cocoa to a cup of boiling water or vegetable drink. Mix the mixture very well until it reaches the desired consistency.

Fill your favorite mug and enjoy your drink from the Gods, until the last sip.

Cocoa Bean* and Cocoa Butter*

Cocoa: 100% of Cocoa * Ingredients from certified organic farming.

May contains traces of coconut and tree nuts. Gluten Free