The Rotten Fruit Box Story

(Our name may be "Rotten". Our fruit, is anything but) 


My name is Tony, the founder of The Rotten Fruit Box, and this is our story...

Imagine walking around a farm and seeing all this rotten fruit on the ground.  Apples, pears, peaches, figs, pomegranate and persimmon, just to give some examples.

rotting apples

There must be something wrong with this fruit, right?  

No at all! To the contrary! Before it fell to the ground, it was wholesome fruit, grown in a country with lots of sunshine, and most of this fruit had never seen pesticides or chemicals.

So what's the deal with fruit rotting on the ground?

We are talking about small, local farmers.  Most have a dozen or so fruit trees, and just don't grow enough fruit to be able to resell to the "big boys".  On the other hand, they grow way more fruit than they can pick and eat themselves, so sadly, most of it just falls to the ground and rots.

Enter The Rotten Fruit Box....

After talking to some of the small farmers, I began thinking of ways of making this delicious, wholesome, and healthy fruit, available to people.

After lots of brainstorming, and some really bad ideas, the thought of freeze drying the fruit began to take shape.

But this was only half the battle.  How would we get it to people?  Especially since we are talking about lots of different types of fruits (we have over a dozen different kinds of apples, including some indigenous to this part of the world), and usually in small quantities.

And so, The Rotten Fruit Box is born, with a curated mix of freeze dried in season fruits.  Delicious, healthy, 100% natural, with a long shelf life, our freeze dried fruit snack pouches are ideal for home, work, office, to take to school, camping or just about anywhere.