Cupids Kiss Protein Bar Recipe

Cupids Kiss Protein Bar Recipe

Mar 03, 2021Jackie Silva

Who said man can't cook? Matt is our first male to share a recipe with us. We could not be happier and this will make your munching time much healthier :)



Ingredients for 8 bars:
  • 2 Cups Instant Oats
  • 2 Cups of protein powder (in this case white choc raspberry)
  • 50g Coconut Oil (plus a tea spoon worth for melting choc)
  • 300ml Coffee (may need more or less depending on consistency of mix)
  • 200g of chocolate for coating (in this case ruby chocolate)
  • 2 table spoons of white choc protein spread (for drizzling)
  • 1 bag of The Rotten Fruit Box’s freeze dried raspberries 


  1. Mix the instant oats and protein powder in a mixer with K blade
  2. While this is occurring melt the 50g of coconut oil in the microwave
  3. While waiting for this to mix and melt respectively, oil a brownie pan and line with parchment paper cut to fit leaving some overhang over all four pan edges (trust me this will come in handy later when trying to remove the bars)
  4. Add the now melted coconut oil into the mixer and leave to mix for a minute or two
  5. Slowly start adding the coffee a little bit at a time until the mixture forms a dough like consistency (you may not use all of the 300ml but you may need more depending on the absorbency of the mixture)
  6. Once this has occurred remove the dough like mixture and press into the pan making sure to spread it out as evenly as you can. I normally do this with my hands to start then use something like a cake smoother to really press down and try to get it as even and as smooth as possible.
  7. Once you are satisfied with your levelling melt the chocolate along with the extra tea spoon of coconut oil (for added glossiness) and pour over the top of the bar mixture.
  8. Shimmy, shake and tilt to try and get an even and consistent coating over the top.
  9. Now for toppings. Yummy. Normally you won’t use all of the toppings for decoration but it depends on what you want to do design wise. In this instance to keep things neat and aesthetic place 3 raspberries on top of each of the 8 bars. (You’ll have to do this by eye and work out roughly where you are going to cut them to get 8 roughly equal size bars)
  10. Lastly melt the white chocolate protein spread to a drizzling consistency, before drizzling over the top. You may need to drizzle 2-3 times to make sure you have enough covering the bars.
  11. Place the pan in the fridge and chill for a few hours or until the chocolate has set.
  12. Once the chocolate has set take the pan out of the fridge and remove the bars by lifting the overhanging edges of parchment (if you have oiled your pan enough earlier this should come out rather easily)
  13. I normally leave them out to soften a bit before cutting into 8 equal bars (or as equal as you can get them). This helps with the cutting process and generally stops the chocolate popping off the top.
  14. I normally do one big cut down the middle to half the bars first, then cut each half into 4 individual bars. Although feel free to cut them how you see fit.
  15. And Voila! Pop your 8 individual bars into an airtight container and leave them in the fridge ready for munching.
This recipe is courtesy of Matt Attridge. 
You can follow up with him on Instagram.

If you also have a recipe using our healthy 100% Natural Freeze-Dried Fruit Snacks, send it to us. We will share it with the #trfbcommunity. :) 

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