29 things you can do with our freeze-dried fruit!

29 things you can do with our freeze-dried fruit!

Feb 07, 2021Jackie Silva

We are always receiving great suggestions with all kinds of things you can do with our snacks.  So much so that we decided to compile this list with 29 things you can do with our freeze-dried fruit. 

While there are certainly many more uses for freeze-dried fruit, this list is certainly a great start 😋🤤

1. The obvious: Eat them as snacks. We like to think of our snacks as one of the 5 recommended daily doses of fruits and vegetable

2. Add to yogurts

3. Blend in your smoothies or shakes.  We are even pre-launching a portable personal blender you can order today at a very special price

4. Add to your cereal

5. Add to cakes (100s of recipes from our customers shared)

6. Make your own chocolate

7. Add to cupcakes

8. Add to ice-cream

9. With bagels and cream cheese

10. Add to cookies

11. Flavor your tea

12. Flavor your favorite gin

13. Add to your favorite drink

14. Pancake topping

15. Take on walks and hikes

16. Use to make protein bars

17. Homemade custard topping

18. Flavor popcorn

19. Add to oats

20. Add to porridge

21. Use for baking when the recipe calls for fresh fruit (so you don't have to worry about extra water affecting your dough)

22. For your pets (perfect for rabbits, parrots, and dogs)

23. Add to your favorite healthy salad

24. Party treats

25. Send as a gift!

26. Homemade granola

27. Perfect snacks for children

28. Perfect snack for autistic children

29. Perfect for macaroons

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