Our Mission

Reduce food waste

Depending on where you get your information, did you know that between 30% to 50% of fruit is wasted because it is ugly?  Be it because of size, shape, or coloring, up to 50% of fruit crop is thrown back into the ground because it doesn´t meet retailer standards.

More than 90% of the fruit used to make our snacks is considered ugly and would have gone to waste.  You will be surprised at just how good this fruit really is!

Healthier snacking

Almost 40% of the US population is obese. For Canada and Australia, that number is close to 30%. We would like to make a small dent in these numbers by offering a healthier snacking alternative. 

Ditch the low-fat chips and pretzels and opt for healthy fruit snacks and other minimally processed foods.  We also try to source sustainably grown fruit to make our snacks even healthier.

While our freeze-dried fruit snacks might be more expensive than those salty, greasy chips, you will save money and enjoy better health in the long run.

Help small farmers

We try to source most of our fruit from small farmers, even from some "mom and pop" farms.  This also means that we try to buy seasonal and local fruit that travels a very short distance.

We will soon be launching an initiative that will allow even very small farmers to bring us their fruit for freeze drying, and in exchange get back a percentage of the freeze-dried fruit.  

Make a small difference towards ending hunger worldwide

Every month we donate a percentage of sales to organizations that help fight hunger worldwide.  In April we donated 2% of sales to the World Food Programme, and in May we donated 1.5% of sales to Action Against Hunger.

If you would like us to donate to your favorite charity please message us and we will consider it for next month´s donation.